Monday, January 25, 2016

About Us


About Us

             Local Homelessness is an issue that we strive to make a change in. This group consists of ten eighth grade students all attending Holmes Jr. High, and participating in Holmes Heroes. Holmes Heroes is an after school club, held each Friday of the school year. Holmes Heroes was begun in the year of 2014, and was founded for any student who strives to be an activist for an issue and to make a change.  Our own mission is to help people at a low point in their lives and aid them out of homelessness. Throughout our journey to carry out this mission, we will post once a week informing readers of our progress, new found goals, and achievements. Each one of our group members will write at least one post throughout all of this. We hope that our aspirations will inspire others, and to put it simply, be the change.


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  1. What a great cause to learn more about! I can't wait to follow your story and read more about what you learn and what you decide to do with that information!