Friday, February 12, 2016

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Week 3: Reaching Out

Reaching Out

               Have you ever seen flyers at a local area in town, that appeal to you for its purpose and appearance? You look at it once, and immediately take interest in it! Well, we've realized that this actually does not happen often as people are busy in their daily routine's and own schedules, and don't really care to notice their surroundings. We have all been guilty of this, but myself and my team members want to change this. This following week at Holmes Heroes, we will be making and distributing flyers to get others outside of this club aware about the issue of local homelessness. My group members have come up with ideas like handing out flyers, producing a video for our school's announcements, and many more to reach out to people and get them aware. Our goal is to come up with interesting approaches, so that people do take their time to notice our cause and take some time to learn about it! We do realize this will be a tad difficult, but we're up for the challenge! 

           Additionally, with the help of other students and teachers we have even made a GoFundMe account where people can donate to our cause and raise money. This GoFundMe, will be handled by our club supervisors, and will solely be used for our cause. Also, we did not get much of an answer from the shelter we had contacted next week, but we did get more than enough knowledge and factual information on local homelessness, that we are now prepared to take action! We can't wait until our flyers and poster are designed, as we hope to show them next week! Overall, our main job this week was to come up with ways for others be aware and support us in our cause. This is because when more people are aware, the more people there are to acknowledge and better this issue. We want to reach out to everyone, going from students, teachers, and adults! We can't wait to create the flyers, videos, and posters and we hope that next week you'll be reading to see and share our hard work!