Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week 2: Finding Answers and Heading On

Finding Answers and Heading On

             This week we focused on answering and researching the questions we had asked last week. We did plenty of research online, finding the statistics, reasons, and affects of homelessness in our community. Our group did get a lot of new knowledge on local homelessness, but we wanted  more that just online research. Two members of our group, called and reached out to Shelter Inc, an organization that reaches out to families in a crisis. We wanted to ask them more, and in depth questions about the homelessness in our community, we can't wait to see their replies! Once we do, we will have a much more better understanding to start treating this issue. My group hopes to contact more shelters, and organizations in our community to find out the things we can do to treat this issue. When we get all our research, we will see what we should do with the research and knowledge we have gathered. I cannot wait to see what next week will have in store for our group, and what our next step will be! Hope you enjoyed reading this, and keep reading our journey to solve local homelessness!


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  1. I'm so happy your group decided to reach out to our local shelters. I can't wait to see the response you get!