Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 10: We Day Celebration

We Day Celebration

              Whew it has been a long journey! I can remember how my group and I did not even know about the local homelessness that was and still is occurring  in our community, to how we are now taking action against this way to common issue and speaking out about it. This year in Holmes Heroes has been a such an amazing year because we have done and learned so much. The one thing I on a personal level have taken from this entire year is that we all are powerful in some way, and when we unite together we can do something and make a change. When watching these inspirational videos of people taking action against an issue they were passionate for, I realized that me and many others are so privileged and have so many resources at hand. We should use these privileges and resources to better the lives of other who aren't as fortunate as us. I will remember and put forward those thoughts throughout my whole life. Now here's to talking about what you probably really wanted to hear about... We Day! Yesterday we had the greatest privilege to be invited to attend We Day. We Day is an event that provides motivational speaker, celebrities, and so many more people that have made an positive impact, for students who have volunteered to better an issue somewhere in their world whether it be globally or locally. When we arrived the energy and excitement their was already through the roof!  We heard so many inspiring and incredible stories from people like Paula Abdul, Spencer West, Henry Winkler, and so many more amazing people! The event was split into four parts that covered us having and being powerful, us having and being determination, what we can do with these two traits, and how the world needs this. May I just say that there was no moment in the show where I had an ounce of boredom in me because everyone was so hyped and energetic! Hearing these inspirational stories from people who have obtained fame, and even just ordinary student like me put everything in perspective. It made me think deeper about making a change for others and that it does take hard work, but it will pay off in the end. After this event I walked out of the arena feeling refreshed and renewed to start making a positive impact not just on my community but on this entire world. I think this thought is a step towards that goal. This year in Holmes Heroes has been such an eye opener and what I've learned from it will stick with me forever. I'm pretty sure this is our final blog and I just want to thank the readers who have been reading our journey throughout the entire time. The fundraiser for our group will be occurring next week and I can't wait to see where that will lead us. Have a great day and be the change.

We also were featured in our community newspaper, The Daily Herald!
Article of Holmes Heroes:

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