Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 1: Asking Questions


Asking Questions

            Beginning from our childhood, most of us would ask simple questions to grasp knowledge about a certain topic. We would come across a situation that sparked interest and curiosity and proceeded to question it, to learn why this situation is existent. Many kids question their parents as to why they have to eat their vegetables. Parents respond usually with, "Because they're good for you." This answer is usually told in order to quiet the child and let them continue with eating their vegetables. Though sometimes the child will respond with a word that could lead to greater things, "Why?" 

          Asking why, could lead to more and more questions, expanding the child's knowledge and grasp on the topic. This was how we wanted to start off our mission. We did not want to begin helping an issue that we had no specific knowledge on, or understanding of. Our first task was to write down all the questions we had to comprehend local homelessness, and how we could treat this issue. We all thought that this task would be difficult, because we all thought we had no questions to ask. Our thoughts were completely and utterly wrong. Once we wrote down one question on a piece of paper, more seemed to form and tumble out of our heads than we could ever imagine. The final product, made our entire group realize that most of us needed a better understanding of local homelessness and some realistic facts that could give us clear answers. I personally, have learned that if we keep asking questions, we keep getting better answers. Asking questions is the best way to get the information we need to make informed decisions on the situations we face. 

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