Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 6: Falling Into Place

Falling Into Place

Hello! So this week all our plans, preparations, and ideas are starting to work out. We have officially decided what to put into our Kare Kits, the bags that we will be donating to shelters. We have contacted one specific shelter to accept these donation and kits. And our fundraiser for our school is still in progress, but we have so many fun ideas for it! This week was to take a step back and plan all our goals out. We have so many things going on at once, that it can be very hectic! We hope that in two weeks time everything will be ready to go and the community will start noticing our mission. We want to get as many people as aware because in order to solve an issue, you have to be and remain informed. Anyways that is all for this week and I hope you come back next week to read about our further progress!


(An idea of the items that may be in our Kare Kits)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 5: Planning our ideas

Hi, so this week we are planning and organizing our ideas to reach out and help people that are homeless. We are trying to reach out to the shelters and thinking of what we need to do to help them out. We are planning our ideas of making care kits and putting them in a bag to send them to the homeless shelter and when there are homeless people in the shelter they could pick one up. In the care kits we could put the nesseceties that are nessecary like toilet trees and these care kits would help them. Before we made a go fund me account you could donate if you would like too.

Image result for care kits for the homeless

These are some of the care kits of the products we could put in. We love giving back to others.

                                                                                 -Anna :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 4: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

    Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

    This week our main purpose was to focus on two things. First of all we worked on coming up with a plan to figure out what we want to use the money we are raising for. After a very effective group discussion, we decided on making blessing bags. There are great homeless shelters in our area providing the homeless with the food they need but what about the necessities that they need to use everyday? When you think about someone who is homeless, most likely the first thought that crosses your mind is that they need food. While this is indeed true, that is definitely not all they need! They are people just like us who need lots of the same items that we use each and every day. Just some of them being; toothpaste, toothbrushes, mints, socks, shampoo, chapstick, combs, and bandages. 

    Secondly, we worked on adding ideas to our list of fundraising ideas. I mean with all these blessing bags we plan to make, we will sure need some money to help! Lucky for us fundraising can be extremely fun! Well... that is unless you´re the leaders of our group who we plan to hold an event where students can pay to ¨torture¨ them. We will have different ideas such as dying their hair or dressing up as a clown for the day. Then, anyone who wants to participate will be able to pay $1 to vote on their favorite form of ¨torture.¨

 Don´t forget to come back next week to see how our blessing bags turn out!


P.S. Our GoFundMe is doing great! We are already at $315... so keep those donations coming because they are really helping!